Peach Call loging software from Lanonyx starting at £245.00

Any business that operates a call centre knows the importance of each and every call that comes through the system. Are your staff handling those calls in a manner consistent with your company policies? Are they handling calls in a way that satisfies the caller so that the conversation ends on a happy note? There is no way to know this unless each call is monitored.

Busy call centres just don't have the manpower to physically monitor all calls as they come in and so the person assigned with the task jumps from call to call. This is no longer necessary and is actually a waste of time and money. With Lanonyx telephone call recording software those calls can be assessed at a later time for quality control and customer satisfaction.

Telephone call logging software gives your company the benefit of knowing exactly who called, what time they called and how long the connection lasted. Not only can call logging and call recording software help you determine if your representative handled the call appropriately but you can better assess if the customer was satisfied with the outcome.

  • Wallboards Within minutes you could be showing your company's telephone activity stats on real-time wallboards
  • Auto reports by Email Create unlimited automatic scheduled reports, make the info come to you when you want it
  • Unanswered Call Reports Every call is logged including unanswered calls which allows you to return an unanswered call to a customer phone
  • Save money Each outgoing call is costed and itemised bills can be produced if required, this almost always reduces unnecessary call cost (especially personal calls) which will reduce your telephone bill!
  • Increase performance Optimise staff availability and productivity, the right person in the right place at the right time
  • Improve response times By monitoring time to answer
  • Monitor communications capacity To make sure your system is right sized for its purpose
  • Runs on XP,Windows 7/8/10,Server 2003/2008/2012 (32 and 64 bit).
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